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Home Security

Smart Door Lock


A clever door lock is a modern security device that promotes home safety using digital technology. By which way they can be controlled by smart phones, bio metric readings or key pads so there are no keys that are needed. For example remote access, guest virtual keys and activity logs may be part of the functionality. They have stronger password protection and alarm lines against depravation and other models even allow smart home connections that make it possible for things to be automated or spoken to. In this regard, smart door locks combine traditional lock functions with contemporary technological services to ensure better home security with greater convenience and peace of mind.

CCTV Cameras 

Surveillance cameras, i.e. those of the CCTV (closed-circuit television) type, are used for security and surveillance. They record video clips that can be watched in real time or stored for later retrieval. Another aspect of modern CCTV systems is their capability to be in line with HD, night vision mode and even ability to detect movement plus remote access via mobile phones and computers. These may be either analog or digital (IP cameras), with the latter having a greater image resolution and interoperability within networked systems. The use of CCTV cameras is widespread in residential areas, commercial premises as well as public places with an aim of crime deterrence, safety enhancement and evidence collection purposes just to mention a few among many other uses. These could also involve alarms and control over entrances thereby constituting other security measures.


Video door phone (VDP) is a security device that enables users to see and talk to people outside their doors. It comes in two units; an outdoor unit with a camera and an indoor monitor. The camera activates when the visitor rings the bell, allowing the user to see the visitor on the internal screen. Many VDPs feature two-way audio communication and remote unlocking of the door. Some more sophisticated models may have smart phone integration for remote access and control through mobile apps. By providing visual verification and interaction before opening up, VDP enhances home safety reducing unauthorized entry risks.